Web Development

As a supplement to our monthly support, I also develop and host websites for churches and ministries. I do not ask for money for this service, as I believe in using the talent that God has given me to be a blessing to others, but I do accept donations through PayPal if the beneficiary of God’s blessings through me is so inclined to reciprocate. If you are in need of a dependable website, please see some of the ministries that I assist that are listed here, and contact me if you would like to discuss your project.

Genesis Evidence Ministries

Bro. Teno Groppi uses his knowledge about creation science to strengthen the faith of believers who may have been confused with the “science falsely so called” of today’s humanistic religion of evolution. Please visit Bro. Teno’s site and consider having him in to be a blessing to your church.

I designed Bro. Groppi’s site, and I host it for him.

Anchor Bible Baptist Church

I designed and have hosted the church website for pastor Darren LaRue for several years. I maintain the security of the website, but do not update its content. Please check out Anchor’s site for an example of a clean, simple website that I design.

AV King James Baptist Church

Bro. Randy Gorski is planting a church in the Antelope Valley of southern California. As a church, they are involved in aggressive evangelism and street ministry in Lancaster, California. I helped design the website, and I host it and keep the software secure.

The Ferrari Family to Argentina

Bro. Adrian Ferrari and his family are missionaries in Mendoza, Argentina. Bro. Adrian is a personal friend of mine, and I offered to help him move his website to a better server that wouldn’t cost him a ton of money each month. I helped design the new site and set it up with the content from his old site, and now I maintain it for him and keep it secure.

Bible Baptist Church of Glasgow

Bro. John McLennan is a veteran missionary in Scotland, and asked me to help him with a website for his church there in the UK. I helped him pick a design and layout the structure of the site, and I maintain the security of the site while he keeps the content updated.

The Brown Family to Korea

Bro. Donny Brown and his family are missionaries on deputation to South Korea. We met Bro. Brown’s family early on in deputation, and became good friends with them. When Bro. Brown wanted to get a website running, I was able to help him get online. I host and maintain Bro. Brown’s site while he updates the content.

Iglesia Bautista Esperanza

This is the site for a church plant in Mendoza, Argentina, pastored by missionary Matt Gansemer, who is supported by our home church in Texas. I simply host and maintain the security of this site; the design and content are all maintained by others involved in the ministry there in Mendoza.

Pocket Gospel Tracts

My friend and fellow church member Joseph Dearing is a prolific writer, with several books and dozens of tracts published. He wanted a website to display and offer his tracts to order on a donation basis, so I helped him find a simple design that he could use for his website. Please check his site out and consider ordering/donating from the site. I host and maintain security, while Joseph updates the content.

Send The Smiths

Bro. Chase Smith and his wife Vaida are missionaries on deputation to Lithuania. The site is still a work in progress, as both my and his schedules have not allowed for us to collaborate on honing some of the finer details, but I do host and maintain this site, and I am in the process of designing and structuring it for him.